Favela Foundation

The Favela Foundation aims to support grassroots educational projects in Brazil's favelas, aiming to provide opportunities to the residents of these amazing and vibrant communities. We will work hand in hand with these local projects to provide them with the tools and resources to achieve their goals and give them the support they need to reach as many residents of the favelas as possible. Our work began in Rocinha, but we have expanded to five favelas in Rio de Janeiro, and are looking to support projects across Brazil in the future.

Brazil’s largest favela is Rochina. It’s Rio de Janeiro’s city within a city, with an estimated 250,000 - 300,000 people inhabiting the valley that spans less than 1.5km².

It's famous for its bright colours, friendly communities, art, and party atmosphere but also its troubled reputation of drugs, crime, poverty, overpopulation and lack of basic utilities and governmental support. In the face of this adversity, you will still find many defiantly starting to achieve success that generations before could've only dreamt of.

A lot of this is thanks to the remarkable hard work of local NGOs and other projects that provide educational stimulus, training facilities and most importantly a safe place to offer freedom to believe in a brighter future that they can bring back to these vibrant and energetic communities.

We have been partnered with them since we started Favela Cerveja, and a percentage of our profits go towards helping the foundation. We’re excited to carry this partnership on, and help in as many ways as possible. If you want to donate yourself please click the button below.

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